New Zealand Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 75

By Stephanie Brown

new zealand earthquake 2011

The recent earthquake in New Zealand is the worst the country has ever had in 80 years.

Christchurch, New Zealand – Local officials said confirmed that at least 75 people were killed one day after an earthquake struck New Zealand.

The government has declared a state of emergency as rescue missions and search are still ongoing. Authorities are expecting the death toll to continue to rise but they are hoping that they could still find survivors. About 300 people are still reported missing.

Rescuers use search dogs, cranes and even their bare hands to dig out about 100 survivors in Christchurch, one the biggest city in the country. The earthquake hit the central city and the center of business of New Zealand.

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand Tuesday at 12:51pm. It struck at one of the busiest city in the country at a time wherein many people walk the streets and a lot are still at work.

It was the first time that a state of emergency was declared in the country. Prime Minister John Key issued the declaration to hasten emergency operations and search and rescue missions. Emergency workers are focusing on areas wherein tall building collapsed or heavily damaged.

The scene at Christchurch were described as ‘horrific’ as many establishments were devastated, many people were trapped inside cars and buildings while hundreds were believed to have been buried after the earthquake hit the city.

There were recent earthquakes that hit Christchurch recently including a 7.1-magnitude one that hit the city last Sept. 4, there were no reported casualties as it hit an area that is not vastly populated and away from the tall buildings.

Other countries have joined the rescue mission including the United States, Britain, Australia and Singapore.

This was the worst quake that New Zealand had in 80 years, the last one was back in 1931 when an earthquake hit Napier City, in the northern part of New Zealand, and killed 256 people.

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