Arizona Shooting Survivor Arrested After Making Threat

By Stephanie Brown

James Eric Fuller

Police arrested James Eric Fuller after making a 'death threat' to Tea Party Leader Trent Humphries.

Tucson, Arizona – One of the victims of the Arizona shooting incident was arrested by police authorities after making a death threat to a tea party leader.

63-year-old James Eric Fuller was attending a taping of a televised show where one of the guest was Trent Humphries, a tea party political leader in Tucson. Fuller was in the front row of the television studio when he took pictures of Humphries and shouted to him “You’re dead”.

Fuller was one of the survivors of the shooting incident wherein six people were killed and leaving 14 other wounded including Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords. Fuller was shot in the knee during the rampage and was able to drive himself to a hospital. He was treated at the University Medical Center in Tucson and was released after two days.

Fuller was apparently angered when Humphries made a comment on the show that the debate over gun control should be postponed until all those who were killed in the shooting incident are buried. He was arrested by authorities on the charges of making a threat and for disorderly conduct.

Authorities also decided to bring Fuller to a hospital for mental evaluation. The attending doctor was to determine when he will be released from the hospital.

Fuller was a naval air veteran and was also a former limousine driver and a census worker. During an interview Fuller said that at the time that he was at the hospital recovering from the gunshot wound he suffered in the knee, he wrote down the Declaration of Independence which he said he was able to memorize.

After the rampage happened outside a Tucson supermarket, where Federal Judge John Roll and 9-year-old Christina Green were among those who were killed, it sparked a nation

al debate about responsible gun ownership and gun control. It was not clear if the intention of Fuller’s act at the TV show was to demonstrate how quickly anyone could be killed if gun control was not immediately implemented by pulling out his cellphone and used the camera to take a picture of the local tea party leader.

Meanwhile, Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ condition was constantly improving as her doctors upgraded her condition from ‘critical’ to ‘serious’. 22-year-old shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner is in custody and is facing five criminal charges including the murder of Roll and the attempted assassination of Giffords.

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