Flood in Australia Worsens, 8 People Killed

By Stephanie Brown

Flood Crisis in Australia

Photo shows cars being swept away and overturned by the flash flood.

Brisbane – Recent downpour in Brisbane caused floodwater rushing towards several towns, destroying houses and washing away cars on the street. According to officials, at least 8 people were killed and 70 others were missing Tuesday.

Rescuers were able to rescue some 40 people from their homes but continued downpour are preventing them from reaching out to other affected areas.

75 percent of Queensland have been declared as a disaster zone as heavy rains continue to pour causing rivers and creeks to overflow. All towns are flooded, more than 200,000 people are affected, and business industries are shut down. The state is experiencing the worst flood crisis since 1974 where 14 people died.

Local officials of the city of Brisbane have set up evacuation centers to accommodate those who have left their homes. People living in the low areas of the city were also told to evacuate to higher grounds as more flooding is expected in the next couple of days.

The city of Toowomba was hit Monday by an unexpected flashflood and residents were caught unprepared. Flood rushed through the city like small tidal waves and with strong currents. The flood left several debris scattered across towns and cars were turned upside down.

Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland, said that they have “every possible available resource” deployed to search for missing persons. Bligh added that it they are facing a “grim” situation and that it is “far from over”. Officials of Queensland have estimated the damages, including property and business loses, could be as high as $5 billion.

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