Another Qantas Flight Makes Emergency Landing

Photo shows a Qantas 747 Boeing

By Max Jones

Sydney, Australia – Another Qantas jet made and emergency landing, this time was at the Sydney airport after smoke came out of the plane’s cockpit.

A 747 Boeing owned by Qantas airlines that was bound for Buenos Aires, Argetina was forced to go back to Sydney after seeing the smoke that was believed to be caused by electrical malfunctions. There were 199 passengers reported to be on board the plane.

On board passengers said that they first notice lights coming out then the captain informed them that they will not proceed to their destination and will return to Sydney. The captain requested priority landing at the Sydney airport following the incident and was given clearance by authorities. The plane was also forced to dump some of its fuel before returning to make the landing.

A spokesperson from Qantas said that they are not yet sure of the root cause of the problem adding that all they know now is that the problem was just considered a ‘minor technical issue’ and their engineers will investigate on the cause of the problem.

This was the second incident within 2 weeks wherein a Qantas jet was forced to go back to make an emergency landing after experiencing mid-flight technical problems. It was just last November 4 where one of their planes had one engine blown shortly after take off and was forced to land back to Singapore. That flight was carrying a total of 466 passengers and crew.

Prior to the recent incident, all Qantas A380 jets were already grounded after investigation showed that there was a fault in the plane’s Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines. Unconfirmed reports said that Qantas will need to replace all the engines of A380s.

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